‘Abu-Ghazaleh Global’ Launches its Integrated Solutions’ E-archiving System

AMMAN – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) launched an integrated system of 'paper documents’ electronic archiving' as well as of controlling the internal processes and procedures of institutions and enterprises.

The program, specifically established for the use of the E-archiving Department, was developed by the TAG.Global E-Solutions Department to use its own system for the provision of ‘Integrated Solutions of E-archiving and Business Management Process’ service.

Mr. Samer Al Ramahi, Director of E-Archiving Department, stated that the E-Archiving System is distinguished   by its rapid distribution, its retrieval and review of documents, its ability to monitor the internal processes and procedures of the enterprises and ensuring document security; that is in addition to securing Internet connection.

Al Ramahi also added that the E-Archiving System enables users to access information without Internet connection, with the ability to control it remotely, and it also supports scanned paper documents and e-mail services. The system also protects documents and files from being lost in addition to many other features, Ramahi said, adding: 

“We, through the Integrated Solutions of E-archiving and Business Management Process service, successfully e-archived more than 150 million files in the last three years, in addition to automating and applying electronic archiving systems in a number of government and private institutions by our highly experienced and qualified team, as the E-Archiving System was established to meet the requirements of the knowledge era as well as to keep-up with its developments".

TAG.Global’s E-Archiving Department provides several services such as consulting services in document management and business process planning, prepares the necessary studies and analysis to offer the best appropriate solutions, and applies the e-archiving system at institutions including the transformation of documents from old systems and training employees on the use and management of the system.


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