Abu-Ghazaleh Submits its Final Report to the Ministry of Telecom and IT in Palestine

RAMALLAH – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) submitted its final report to the Palestinian Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology on the project entitled “Compliance with Regulations and Laws Pertaining to Billing System and Proceeds of License Fees”. 

The jointly conducted project which lasted for five years, aimed at strengthening control on companies working in the ICT sector.
In a meeting with the Minister of Telecom and Information Technology, HE Mr. Ishaq Sider, TAG.Global Executive Director in Palestine Mr. Jamal Milhem and the working team briefed the Minister on the project’s stages and outcomes which aimed to improve the quality of services offered by the telecom companies and the licensed service providers to customers, leading to high-level quality services at reasonable prices while providing a competitive and transparent environment for investments in Palestine.
Dr. Sider expressed his appreciation to TAG.Global highlighting their efforts in accomplishing the project, considering it an important tool in preserving public funds and the interests of citizens and companies alike.
Dr. Sider added that the project proved its success and achieved its objectives through its results, noting that the Ministry will continuously work on conducting audit on all companies operating in this sector to ensure the implementations of the telecom law, regulations, agreements and best practices to all licensees in a mechanism that guarantees investment attraction and fair competition while providing equitable opportunities for all.  

For his part, Mr. Milhem noted that the resulted recommendations of the five year-long project will be utilized to enhance the Ministry’s control on all telecom companies in Palestine for the general interest of the citizens. He pointed out that the joint working team of the Ministry and TAG.Global, conducted their tasks in terms of compliance with the rules and policies, control, as well as building a database at the Ministry that includes all operational companies in the sector, in addition to implementing practical training and qualifying the financial and technical cadres.

Furthermore, Mr. Milhem commended the full cooperation and support of the Palestinian Ministry’s team which contributed to overcoming challenges faced by the project, affirming his confidence in the efficiency of the Ministry’s technical cadre to continue its role in monitoring and auditing the telecom sector in Palestine for coming years. Meanwhile, Mr. Milhem extended his gratitude to the Minister Dr. Sider, as well as the other former ministers, for their support and interest in the project’s achievements and outcomes throughout the execution period. 


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