Abu-Ghazaleh: ASCA Issues the Arabic Version of Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

AMMAN – ASCA (Jordan) released the certified Arabic translation of the simplified guide on 'International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)', which is the first of its kind.
New Jersey-based Wiley Company entrusted ASCA with the translation of this guide into Arabic.
The 'Interpretation and Application of IPSAS handbook' provides practical guidance on the implementation and application of International Public Sector Accounting Standards.

This book brings readers up to date on the standards, and describes their proper interpretation and real-world application. Examples and mini-case studies clarify the application of the standards, giving readers a better understanding of complex processes, especially where the IPSAS deviates from IFRS.

Readers also gain insight into the process of smoothly navigating the transition of a public sector entity to either IPSAS under accrual. The appropriate use of IPSAS financial information would assist public officials and other groups in assessing the implications of the fiscal decisions proposed or made by government.

This book provides complete guidance to IPSAS, with clear explanation and expert insight enabling readers to;
• Understand the meaning and role of each standard.
• Apply the standards to real-world scenarios.
• Manage the process of transition to IPSAS.
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh affirmed that ASCA -Jordan continuously seeks to develop both accounting and management sciences. ASCA -Jordan also exerts effort to upgrade the competence, practice and code of ethics according to the highest professional levels through the issuance of accounting publications and following-up on the recent developments in accounting and auditing.


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