Media Committee at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum Discusses Means of Media Support to National Economy

AMMAN – The Media Supporting Economy Committee at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum discussed media means and mechanisms for supporting the national economy during a recently held meeting chaired by Dr. Tayseer Ammari.

Members of the Committee affirmed that the media plays a key role in sustainable development through its close ties with the economy.

During the meeting, the attendees discussed the media report prepared by member of the Committee Dr. Abeer Al Rahbani which was published in several media outlets. The report presented the importance of promoting awareness among citizens on the influence of digital media and media economics in tackling problems that are closely associated with the daily life of citizens. The report also suggested the important need for the development of Arab media, particularly principles of media economics,  in order to covey a proper image through a professional media outlook.

According to the report, due to living in the technological revolution, today's youth are avid users of technological tools, hence it is imperative to empower youth and to involve them in tackling the economic concerns faced by society.

Moreover, the report stated that activating the role of women in economic development is vital, as women are frequently subjected to marginalization mainly in the economic development programs making their role minimal.

The report underlined that ‘globalism’ is one of the major problems affecting media and the economy alike since it has positive and negative economic influences; media globalization led to social globalization which eventually resulted in economic globalization.

According to the report, the future of globalization is unclear and will affect media mechanisms in supporting the economy, establishing the need to create an Arabic news agency to counterbalance the dominance of global news agencies broadcasting only the image they wish to convey.


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