TAG-Org and Al Ghad Newspaper Sign Cooperation Agreement

AMMAN - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) and Jordan United Press Company (Al Ghad) signed a cooperation agreement on the provision of services by both entities.

 The agreement was signed by H.E. Dr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Chairman of TAG-Org and Ms. Jumana Ghnaimat, Editor-in-Chief of Al Ghad Newspaper, in the presence of Mr. Mohammad Alayyan, Chairman of Al Ghad Newspaper.

The aim of the agreement is to advance cooperation in the provision of services which are of mutual benefit to both parties.

H.E. Dr. Abu Ghazaleh expressed his pride and honor at cooperating with Al Ghad Newspaper an independent truth-seeking publication that objectively tackles issues of concern to society and the nation.

He stressed the importance of such cooperation which is to the mutual benefit of both parties. TAG-Org will make use of the media capacities of Al Ghad, which in turn will receive numerous professional services provided by TAG-Org.

Furthermore, Dr. Abu Ghazaleh highlighted that this cooperation agreement is congruent with the royal directives on realizing cooperation among national institutions in different sectors.

Mr. Alayyan expressed his pride and privilege at cooperating with TAG-Org which "Has been playing a key role in cultural evolution and still exerting lots of efforts which we could realize their tangible impacts." He pointed out that "TAG-Org is chaired by an exemplary figure whom all the Arab youth should follow his footsteps."

He added that the agreement is a complementary part to Al Ghad's strategy, aspiration and vision. "Our logo in the newspaper is constant development, change and modernization". He pointed out: "This agreement is consistent with our ambitions and through which we hope to develop a product worthy of your name and our aspirations at the same time."

 Ms. Ghnaimat said: "We, in Al Ghad, aspire to universality and be the first in the region in the digital divide". She added "We hope that the partnership with TAG-Org will enable Al Ghad Newspaper to turn this ambition into reality."

 "We do believe in the capabilities and prominence of media in disseminating knowledge, achieving development, opinion-making and making the difference; the matter that makes Al Ghad always thinking about the future generations and the need to arm them with science and knowledge and provide them with information so as to have individuals who believe that they have a real genuine role in building the nation," said Ms. Ghnaimat.

 The terms of cooperation include the addition of a cultural and educational page in the newspaper managed by TAG-Org, cooperation in the field of publications and printing in Al Ghad Newspaper printing press, discussion of the mechanism for marketing the electronic version and cooperation in exchanging links to increase the number of visits to the websites of Al Ghad Newspaper and TAG-Org, as well as the social media websites of both parties.

Furthermore, terms of cooperation include seeking means of cooperation with Al Ghad Newspaper for electronic archiving and providing consultation services in this field and finally to translate a monthly summary or brief of Al Ghad news content into English.


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