Digital Media Committee of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum discusses Future of Jordan’s Media

AMMAN - The Digital Media Committee has held its first meeting at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum stressing the significance of the digital media nowadays and its potential dangerous effect at the same time.

Committee Chair, Mr. Tahsin Ahmad Al Tal gave a comprehensive presentation on the digital media since its emergence in the Kingdom and the stages it passed through in the past years.

Attending participants agreed that the digital media is one of the outputs of the 21st Century digital revolution which significantly and positively contributed to changing key media tools, as well as to spreading news and information faster, and at a larger scale, than other conventional media outlets; but at the same time that involves the potential danger of spreading false and inaccurate information.
The committee therefore affirmed the significance of accuracy with respect to publishing, proposing initial suggestions and recommendations meant to put the future of digital media on the right track.

The Committee suggestions included:

First: highlighting the national achievements under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, particularly in terms of freedoms and media evolution during the past 17 years.

Second: Using the digital media and social media networks to transform the virtual world into a productive and fruitful reality.

Third: Reviewing media and press laws and legislation in a manner that ensures freedom of expression, in order to establish free national media capable of building the knowledge society that serves present and future generations.

Fourth: To promote awareness on the right use of ICT and to promote the role of women.

Fifth: To strive to initiate a media code of conduct that serves the profession and those working in the print and digital media, and to amend the Press and Publication Law so that the article stipulating that a chief editor of a news website must be a Jordan Press Association member, be annulled due to its impact on the independence of digital media.  


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