Basic Chinese :

Teaching Chinese will depend utterly on the recipient where specific tools are adopted for adults and other means are designed to teach children.

Chinese for Adults Schedule:Two classes per week 2 hours each (Morning or Evening Classes)

Level Entrance Test Term
Beginner 1 Not Required 20 hours
Beginner 2 Required 20 hours
Beginner 3 Required 20 hours
Beginner 4 Required 20 hours
Intermediate 1 Required 20 hours
Intermediate 2 Required 20 hours
Intermediate 3 Required 20 hours
Intermediate 4 Required 20 hours
Advanced 1 Required 20 hours
Advanced 2 Required 20 hours
Advanced 3 Required 20 hours

Course Description :

A) Chinese for Adults / Beginner 1 :
Duration: 5 weeks

This course teaches beginners the basic skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading. Emphasis will be placed first on the tonal system and proper pronunciation of sounds, with basic grammar being taught at a later stage. The course encompasses nearly 30 communicative functions such as greeting, making an acquaintance, making an inquiry (about time/ direction / reservations), and fulfilling daily needs (purchasing items/ catching buses / changing money) etc.


On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Speak with a degree of fluency and acquire the ability to have simple conversations with native speakers, which will satisfy one’s requirement when studying in and travelling to China.
  • Establish a vocabulary of 200 Chinese characters used in everyday contexts.
  • Read and write simple characters

B) Chinese for Adults / Beginner 2 :
Duration: 5 weeks

Course Description :This course teaches the skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Emphasis will be placed on understanding complex sentences and proper grammatical structures. Writing skills will be applied more often than in the beginner1’s level. The course focuses on conversational Chinese which will allow a person to communicate effectively in everyday situations.


On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Express complex ideas in Chinese with a degree of fluency and develop competence in interaction with native speakers.
  • Develop the Chinese vocabulary to 350 characters and use them with a degree of proficiency.
  • Read and write simple sentences, as well as translate those sentences into Arabic and English.


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