TAG ICT Dictionary (English/Arabic)-2008

TAG ICT Dictionary (English/Arabic)-2008
Talal Abu –Ghazaleh Information Technology International
One of our  achievements , for the year 2008, was the issuance of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Information and Communication Technology (TAG ICT) Dictionary. The TAG ICT Dictionary is an English-Arabic publication of about 6500 ICT terms. It was created to serve various goals; one of which is meeting the needs of ICT specialists and students at universities, colleges and vocational institutions by providing necessary explanations for various terms rather than merely the equivalent meaning or synonym.
The methodology adopted in preparing this work, was based on numerous principles such as:
- Association between the main term and its derivatives.
- Association between the main term and its synonyms
- Translation of concepts and an avoidance of literal translation of a particular term
- Defining the term to guarantee accuracy and scholarly integrity with an explanation if needed
- Taking into consideration the consistency of style and content
- Focusing on English terminology without listing terms from other languages unless necessary

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Book Publish Date: 31-Jan-2009
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